We Assess the Path to Reach Your Goals

How can I improve results in my business through the strategic use of AHEAD?  Begin with our HR impact Survey. It shows how the 7 key HR Strategies that if done properly can increase productivity and profitability or if not done to their fullest extent can drain, restrain, or threaten profits. Contact us to get started.

The Areas that Impact Results Include:

  • Workers Compensation Administration

  • Safety Programs

  • Risk Management

  • State Unemployment Tax ( SUTA )

  • Human Resources Administration

  • Human Resources Consultation

  • Employee Manual

  • Pretax 125 Benefit Plan

  • Pretax Dependent Care Plan

  • Benefits Administration

  • 401 K Plan

  • Recruiting

  • Turnover

  • Payroll

  • Payroll Administration

  • Courier Payroll Delivery

We know it's complicated, but we are pretty good at it. After all, it's all we do every day!