When it comes to growing your business, focus your time on bringing in new customers and servicing existing customers.

My last two blogs focused on how to have a work/life balance through time management. Today I’ll be discussing how to attract customers to your business.

Growing a business seems to come down to only a few ideas.

First, decide that the chicken comes before the egg. Small business owners worry about sales and attracting new customers (chickens.) Many business problems, not all, seem to disappear if you have enough money (Eggs). As a start-up let’s face it (Chickens, are of great interest). If a business that has been around a while, the concern is keeping their (Chickens) customers, it would be hard to argue that sales and marketing and customer service should be priorities.

What few ideas does it come down to in order to attract customers and grow your business?

Focus your organization on all the ways you currently bring in new customers. Search out ways of customersreaching new customers that consider the old and new generations of perspective people. Focus on training your organization to treat your current customers very well. Communicate with your current customers often. Understand their challenges; bring them new value to help their customers, under promise and over deliver.

The BEST way to get new customers!

Keep your organizations focus primarily on impressing your current customers. The best way to meet new ones is to have the current ones make the introduction because you have been good for them. Focus your time on bringing in new customers and servicing existing customers.

Focus on What Makes YOU Money – Customers!

The focus of what gets done should be activities that make you more money or improve your business. Many times the small priorities are accomplished around the key priorities.  If you don’t have time to service your existing customers or find new customers you need to find ways to free yourself up so you can focus on what makes you money!

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